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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Golf - Del Starks

March 9, 2007
Hand and arms vs. big muscle swing - For many years, a debate has been conducted by the "gurus" in the golf community. Is the golf swing best served by use of the arms and hands, or by controlling the body movements? With my 42 years of teaching experience, I like to think I've heard just about every theory concerning the golf swing. Unfortunately, for the many aspiring students of t... Full Story

March 2, 2007
Getting on the right swing path - I'm sure that most of you have heard the term "inside-out" as it refers to swing path. Many golfers feel that's desirable, and strive to achieve this pattern of movement. If you want to hit big pushes to the right or duck hooks to the left, this move will oblige. The correct path to follow is inside to square to inside. We're trying to swing the c... Full Story

February 23, 2007
The no-shift weight shift - One of golf's so-called fundamentals is the weight shift. I'd like to discuss this subject at some depth in this week's edition. I'm not fond of the term "weight shift" and would like to introduce a new term, "balance points." The way I see it, there are three balance points: the starting point, the load point and the release point. The word "shif... Full Story

February 16, 2007
We ain't cookin' until we're hookin' - Golf's common cold, the slice, has been the bane of most average golfers' struggle with this great game. The remedies for this sickness are many and varied. Usually, the cure for this disease does more harm than good and the solution, once understood, is a lot easier than most golfers realize. The cause of a slice is not the result of cutting acro... Full Story

February 9, 2007
Do you know how to mark the arc? - This week's discussion will deal with a little-known concept I call "a swing within the swing." Every good player knows about this important phase of the swing. What this involves is the club's position waist-high before impact and waist-high after impact. Despite the many different looking styles of swings, this area of almost everyone's action i... Full Story

February 2, 2007
The putting stroke - How is the putter swung? That was a lead-in question designed to get you to take the word swing' through the entire bag of clubs, including the putter. The question's asked all the time, "Do you take the putter back straight and straight through?" My answer is always no. The golf swing is circular in shape whether it's produced with a driver or a ... Full Story

January 26, 2007
Making an 'impact' on your game - Recently, in a lesson scenario, my student asked me to describe "the perfect impact position" for a full shot. I'm sure my answer was somewhat disappointing to him at first, but as it turned out, the lesson was a "smashing" success. There are a lot of golf instructors who teach "impact." I'm not one of them. In keeping with my cause and effect app... Full Story

January 19, 2007
A new year, a new beginning - Most of us make New Year's resolutions each year: lose some weight, exercise more, read more self-improvement books, etc. Well, how about making some golf resolutions along with everything else you plan on improving? By starting to work on key elements of your golf game now, you'll be more prepared when the active season of events have arrived. In... Full Story

January 12, 2007
Debunking the myth of the delayed hit - This week's topic centers around another popular theory called the "late hit." The only results the late hit will produce are low, thin shots to the right with little or no power. As I reported in previous articles, these misguided ideas come from looking at high-speed still photos. What these photos leave out is "real time" where the club is tra... Full Story

January 5, 2007
The hand, arm connection in the golf swing - This week, I'd like to discuss the proper role of hands and arms in an effective golf swing. My main concept to convey is "connection," where control and the energy emanate from the torso or body core. Some golfers misunderstand this idea and try not to use their hands and arms at all. What these players should know is that the arms are attached t... Full Story

December 29, 2006
The swing defined - If you look up the word swing in the dictionary, it's defined as a to-and-fro or back-and-forth movement. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, as soon as you put the word golf in front of the word swing, all hell breaks loose. All kinds of theories, rules and "have tos" come into play and the fun of golf goes out of play. In this article, I'll atte... Full Story

December 22, 2006
Another look at right side vs. left side - Awhile back, I wrote an article about the controversial debate among the teaching community concerning left side vs. right as used in the golf swing. This time, I'd like to delve a little further into the proper use of the sides to hopefully clear up any misunderstanding that might exist in the minds of my loyal readers. If you can get a good work... Full Story

December 15, 2006
The good old days return - In a recent golf magazine, there was an article titled, "Is your swing out of date?" I had to laugh out loud because all of the "new" ideas they proposed are things that were done 60 to 70 years ago. The swing concepts of 25 years ago were considered out-of-date (Nicklaus, Player, Trevino and Watson, etc.) and the new ways are actually the styles ... Full Story

December 8, 2006
Relax your arms for optimum shot making - Of all the points I try to convey in my golf instruction, the subject of arm relaxation tends to be the greatest challenge for my students to "get." The main reason for this is what I term the "hit impulse." Give the average person a club and a ball and watch the carnage take place. Instinct is a very powerful force, and it takes awhile to tame and... Full Story

December 1, 2006
Releasing the club - Do you slice your longer shots? If so, you aren't releasing the club through the hitting area, which is when the club is hip-high before contact to hip-high afterward. Without the proper and aggressive release, your distance and accuracy will suffer and so will you. In a good swing, release happens naturally, through centrifugal force. The club he... Full Story

November 24, 2006
The three-headed golfer - I had an interesting session with a student the other day when trying to explain the head's behavior in a good golf swing. Like many before him, he was advised to keep his head down, still and behind the ball. When I told him that good golfers, in effect, had three heads during the swing, he looked at me like I was crazy. When we finished the less... Full Story

November 17, 2006
Caddies: golf's second bananas - I recently read an article about tour caddies and found it very interesting. I hope you do, too. Most golf played these days in Florida is on a golf cart equipped with GPS systems, which give you computer images of the hole and yardages. These carts have become our "caddies," but lack the personal touch. At the professional level of golf, real li... Full Story

November 10, 2006
America's woes at the Ryder Cup - Recently, a group of golfers were sitting around the 19th hole, discussing, among other things, the Ryder Cup results. As I passed by, the foursome stopped me and asked my opinion on why we've done so poorly in the last several events. I tried to beg off, but they insisted on hearing me out, so here goes. Like so many things in life, money corrupt... Full Story

November 3, 2006
Become great at doing things right with your golf club - In a recent lesson, my student stated that he wanted to just work on the driver. To his dismay, I refused to do this, stating that the driver requires his best swing and we needed to develop the swing first before trying the big club. He replied that he could hit his short clubs all right, but the driver was the big problem. I had him hit several... Full Story

October 27, 2006
The art of putting - This week, I'd like to discuss the fine art of putting. This is a subject that can be talked about late into the evening with almost no final agreement on style or technique. There are any number of grips (the latest is "the claw"), putter types, putter lengths and putter weights. Any number of these factors can have an effect on the outcome of a... Full Story

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