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August 4, 2006
Little Doggie with control issues - By Sue-Ellen Sanders I was the one who wanted a small dog. I figured they would be easier to train and control, portable to carry around and their dog belongings would take up less room in my house. When our family adopted Cookie, we didn't realize that she would stay that small, anyway, not growing beyond three pounds. We named her Cookie, aft... Full Story

July 28, 2006
Secret agent Mom - By Sue-Ellen Sanders "There's a mom who lives a life of danger. To everyone she meets she seems much stranger. With every move she makes, another chance she takes Odds are she won't get much sleep tomorrow. Secret agent mom, secret agent mom They've given you a title and taken away your name." (Sung to the tune of "Secret Agent Man" by Johnny Ri... Full Story

July 21, 2006
Life is not a contest - By Sue-Ellen Sanders Initial consultation at the orthodontist: free Price of braces for two pre-teen/teenage young adults: thousands A moment of motherhood enlightenment: priceless It wasn't a Mastercard commercial, although a new charge card might certainly come in handy, after our visit to the orthodontist last week. But, during our initial cons... Full Story

July 14, 2006
Young couple gives back to community - By Sue-Ellen Sanders Family Matters They are the power couple of the future and the young adults we want our children to grow up to be. At 31, he is the owner of Trefelner Technologies, a tech-advising company, and the newly-installed president of the Fort Pierce Rotary Club. At 25, she is the alumni and development director of John Carroll High ... Full Story

July 7, 2006
Ideas for a summer job - By Jake Sanders With a forward by Sue-Ellen Sanders We're well within the weeks of what is sure to be a long, hot summer. This year, my 13-year-old son is determined to make money any way he can. I was having an almost-senior moment sitting in front of the computer keyboard trying to write a column for this week's issue, when he suggested he ... Full Story

June 30, 2006
Plan reaction before emergency happens - By Sue-Ellen Sanders What will you do in an emergency, when every minute counts and someone's life hangs in the balance? It could be a family member or a friend or neighbor, or it could be someone who is a stranger to you completely. If you're like me, you like to think that you would remain calm enough to remember to contact an emergency number ... Full Story

June 23, 2006
Family Matters - Marathon brings Good, Bad & Ugly By Sue-Ellen Sanders The first good thing was the weather. As we drove our rental car into Duluth, just two hours north from the airport in Minneapolis, the air was cool and crisp, perfect for the marathon race I planned to run. Unfortunately, that was the day before the 26.2-mile race. With over 9,500 runners ... Full Story

June 16, 2006
Marathon Mama hits the road - By Sue-Ellen Sanders I'm ready. Our plane flights to Minnesota and hotel room in Duluth are booked and non-refundable. So there's no question, now, that we are going to Duluth, Minnesota for this weekend's Grandma's Marathon, a 26.2-mile race that isn't just for grandmas. I've put in the homework miles and all that's left to do is run the marath... Full Story

June 9, 2006
Focusing on details easier with eye advice - I'll always remember the day I got my first pair of contact lenses. At age 11, I had already been very nearsighted for a long time. I stood in front of the full-length mirror at the eye doctor's office and stared in wonder. "Why, I'm.pretty!" I exclaimed, having not seen my face without the thick lenses and plastic frames of my eyeglasses since ... Full Story

June 2, 2006
Young teens' poetry surprises teacher - Good Sport Poem By Joey Test of agility Running and wits Let's just hope The helmet fits When down to the wire And a few seconds left Let it fly and hope It's caught by your guy. When Lou Capozzoli told the 7th graders in his reading class they were going to write poetry, no one was very enthusiastic. First of all, they'd had to write poetry in... Full Story

May 26, 2006
Graduation brings pressing memories - The day of my college graduation dawned clear and bright, another hot, humid summer day in Gainesville. The University of Florida Class of 1981 was going to be the first class to graduate in the brand spanking new O'Connell Center, across from the football stadium in Gainesville. The building design was new and with an inflated fabric roof design ... Full Story

May 19, 2006
Kids balance food/exercise for healthy lifestyle - "I wonder who invented eating?" Jewel Midelis asked her friend, Morgan Roberts, as they stood together in front of the open refrigerator at the Roberts house. "I mean who first thought of food as something that tastes good to eat?" It was a lazy summer Saturday morning, and the teens were looking for something suitable for breakfast. "I don't know... Full Story

May 12, 2006
Author publishing one story at a time - The doorbell rings. There are several adults dressed in suits at the door. "We're here to pick up the copy for your first book," the lead suit tells me. I let them in and gather my papers and computer disk. "Shall we give you your check now or mail it?" asks the second suit. I wave my hand in a carefree manner. "Just put in the mail." In my imagin... Full Story

May 5, 2006
Couple celebrates wedding with run to benefit cancer foundation - The bride will be wearing white-white running shorts, T-shirt and white athletic shoes-as she pledges her troth in what may be the first wedding race on record, at least locally. Mike & Sandy's Run for Your Life 5K Trail Run/Walk and Wedding Celebration will truly be a fairy tale wedding, set for Saturday, May 13 at 5 p.m. at Halpatiokee Park in S... Full Story

April 28, 2006
What you become is up to you - When I was just a little girl I asked my mother, what will I be? Will I be pretty? Will I be rich? Here's what she said to me: Que Sera Sera Whatever will be, will be The future's not ours to see Que Sera Sera - From "Que Sera Sera," sung by Doris Day It was the last line of one of those chatty e-mail lists that got me thinking; the kind of e-ma... Full Story

April 21, 2006
Big snake alert for lawmakers - Step out the front door. Look right and then left. Am I watching for traffic in order to cross the street? Actually, I'm on big snake alert. And, I am not alone. According to Skip Snow, a biologist with Florida Everglades National Park, last year alone, park officials caught 95 pythons on the loose in the national park. That's not even counting th... Full Story

April 14, 2006
Smart spending lessons for any age - "Do you really need this?" My daughter, Chloe, was standing in front of a cute plastic monkey piggy bank for sale in Old Navy store. She looked at me with big, pleading eyes, the look that means she wants something. Yet the question of need was posed to her by a surprising source, her friend, Megan Miller. The two sixth grade girls had accompanied... Full Story

April 6, 2006
Treasure Coast family has different kind of cruise adventure - Young Bailee Jo Mutter didn't know what time it was when the fire alarm starting blaring in the small cruise ship stateroom she shared with her two brothers, but she knew it meant emergency. Full Story

March 30, 2006
Cruise with your kids, or not? - A tall woman approached me in the restroom after the show. "How old is your daughter?" she asked, pointing to Chloe."Eleven," I told her.She continued, "I was wondering how she liked the cruise. We didn't bring our kids this time, and I wondered what was a good age to bring them.""My kids love to go on cruises," I said. "It doesn't cost much more t... Full Story

March 23, 2006
Former Mayor remembered on his birthday - "Happy Birthday to you.Happy Birthday, dear Eddie.Happy Birthday to you."Eddie Enns would have turned 73 this week, if he had not died of pancreatic cancer two months ago. I marked the date on my calendar, because March 22 is also the day that Eddie found out that he had cancer, on his birthday last year.The first news that Fort Pierce's "Number On... Full Story

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