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May 9, 2008
Feng shui: your time to be in-control of your life - Is time your friend, a friendly foe, an adversary or a heavy-handed task master? Are you constantly racing against the clock to meet deadlines, complete projects and keep commitments? Do people, organizations, work and projects clamor for your time and attention to the point that you are no longer in-control and have great difficulty meeting all ... Full Story

April 25, 2008
Kitchen savvy leads to abundance - Are you a kitchen lover: a gourmet cook with the latest equipment and recipes? Or someone who hasn't a minute to spare, never sets foot into your kitchen, countertops overflowing and always eating on the run? Or, somewhere in the middle, are you one of us who does like the kitchen in a sort of functional way. We enjoy putting a nice meal together... Full Story

April 11, 2008
Recipe for positive thinking - Do you have the "only if" or "it always happens to me" malady? Is negative thinking getting you down? Are you constantly telling yourself things always go wrong and nothing ever goes right? Has an argument, mishap, bad experience with a neighbor, waiter, friend or colleague at work got you down? Are these thoughts on auto-replay in your mind thre... Full Story

March 28, 2008
Four steps to attracting a mate - Have you decided that 2008 is "the year" for finding the perfect mate? Or have you decided there isn't such a thing as a perfect mate and you will settle for second best? Perhaps you are just beginning a search for a mate. Where are you looking and what are you looking for? Do you know? Perhaps you have the perfect mate and would like to keep it t... Full Story

March 7, 2008
Energizing your front door, energizes your life - The first impression someone has of you and your home is from the driveway, the sidewalk or the curb. Is your home welcoming? Does it encourage good energy and guests to enter? Does it provide fresh new energy day in and day out so your life can be abundant and prosperous or are you teetering on the brink of trials and tribulations much of the t... Full Story

February 29, 2008
Energizing your front door, energizes your life - The first impression someone has of you and your home is from the driveway, the sidewalk or the curb. Is your home welcoming? Does it encourage good energy and guests to enter? Does it provide fresh new energy day in and day out so your life can be abundant and prosperous or are you teetering on the brink of trials and tribulations much of the t... Full Story

February 15, 2008
Clutter can stand in the way of success - Do you feel as though you are always running in circles, running a little late or behind? When arriving in one location, are you already thinking about where you are going next and the 20 other things due next Tuesday? Is your home, workplace, calendar and thinking on clutter overload? Is clutter not just a "sometime thing" but rather a distracti... Full Story

February 1, 2008
Excess free advice causes uncertainty - Are you receiving too much unwanted and unappreciated advice? Do you feel as though you are on "overwhelm" because everyone else wants to run your life for you? Are some of these pieces of advice so pointed and piercing that they are painful and un-nerving? Well-intentioned people often give abundant but not helpful advice. Almost everyone has fam... Full Story

January 18, 2008
If life is out of control, use energy by design - Do you feel as though you are in a constant race with the clock and the clock is always winning? Do you feel that your home, which should be your sanctuary from the outside world, is filled with so much chaos and clutter that you don't know where to begin? Does the same apply to your office? Do you feel you are running faster and faster only to f... Full Story

January 4, 2008
Finish unfinished business for a successful new year - With 2008 here, have you started thinking about what's ahead? Will your New Year be better than 2007 or at least as good? Will your relationships, health and income improve or at minimum, not get worse? And, can you do anything to make it better? Or do you find one year melting into the other and nothing changes? If nothing changes in your life f... Full Story

December 21, 2007
Feng shui workplace strategies for December - Is this the time of the year when your workplace is extremely hectic and overloaded with work or is it business as usual? Or is this the time of the year when everything seems to grind to a halt? You cannot get an answer from anyone for anything and seem to be unable to close a deal or make a sale. December can be a very strange, even difficult b... Full Story

December 7, 2007
Feng shui gifts for holiday giving - With the holidays fast approaching, I am often asked, "Is there such a thing as a really good feng shui gift?" Or, "What should I look for when trying to purchase a great feng shui gift for someone special on my list?"And, "Is there a terrific feng shui gift I can give my boss?" The gift list requests go on and on. Yes, there are numerous great f... Full Story

November 23, 2007
A grateful Thanksgiving is great feng shui energy - Thanksgiving is the one holiday per year that seems to be the least commercialized and the most heartfelt. It is the holiday where the focus is on family, friends, food and gratitude for what you have. The hustle and bustle of this holiday has a lot less to do with commercialized gift giving and shopping 'til you drop, but rather recognizing and ... Full Story

November 9, 2007
Clutter control leads to calm - Just how much time do you lose everyday looking for things? Do you or your spouse, if you are married, have stacks of stuff everywhere? Are you holding onto things from your childhood or teen years? Do you save everything and never get rid of anything? Would you feel comfortable if unexpected guests would stop by for a surprise visit? Or, do you ... Full Story

October 26, 2007
Feng shui can help locate the right partner - Whether you have already found the right partner, or are looking in earnest, feng shui will make a positive difference with existing relationships or finding the right relationship. How often have you, your friends or your children said, "I just can't seem to find the right person to settle down with and establish a home." Others say, "All the goo... Full Story

September 28, 2007
Feng shui helps you take charge of your life - Are you tired for waiting for the other shoe to drop? Is it time for you to move on? Do you need to decide you can no longer rescue someone else from their chosen future? Have you pushed a permanent pause button for living while silently watching your life slip by? Imagine what tomorrow would be like if you weren't so tied up in waiting for the ot... Full Story

September 14, 2007
Opportunity and prosperity can be yours - Are prosperity and peace of mind at the top of your wish list, but at the bottom of your action plan? Is prosperity an elusive ideal way of life? Is peace of mind a dream you feel can never be your reality? Is opportunity knocking on your front door but never enters? Prosperity and peace of mind are considered elusive by most people; opportunity n... Full Story

August 31, 2007
Ways to take control of chaos and stress - With fall fast approaching, children going back to school and returning to a "normal" schedule; now is the time to prepare for the more hectic busy season ahead. Does your fall routine create a calm more peaceful time in your life? Or do you, as millions of others, have so much to do that the additional fall events creates chaos and stress by sett... Full Story

August 17, 2007
Get rid of energy blocks to improve focus - Do you feel some days that you are on a merry-go-round because you cannot focus? Do you feel as though every place you look you face unfinished projects, or at each corner you turn there is yet something more to do, take charge of or care for? Is life a constant set of circumstances that seem never ending or are there projects that never reach com... Full Story

August 3, 2007
Creating positive energy when remodeling - Are you contemplating or in various stages of remodeling, restoring or refurbishing your home? Would you like to remodel but find just the thought of it is overwhelming? Are there specific things you wish to accomplish, besides laying new flooring and new counter tops, such as creating a balanced flow of positive energy throughout, so no room coll... Full Story

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