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Now browsing: Hometown News > Columnist Archives > Cooking - The Seasoned Chef

May 9, 2008
Mother-, child-tested breakfast treat - I cooked this dish for my wife, Pam, on her first Mother's Day and she was very happy, not only with the pancakes, but most of all, to be holding our brand-new baby, Luke, in her arms. I'll never forget it. He's 4 years old now and boy, how time flies. It feels just yesterday that he was a little baby and now he seems all grown up. I have a feeli... Full Story

April 25, 2008
Beautiful vegetable that stands alone - Asparagus is a universally popular vegetable that comes from the lily family. May is the peak season for this wonderful vegetable. The earliest and most tender stalks are a beautiful apple green with purple-tinged tips that are so delicious, they deserve to be the star of a dish or even a course on their own. Honey-baked asparagus with tomato ... Full Story

March 28, 2008
Take advantage of fresh local fish catches - If you like fish, you should definitely take advantage of our local catches, such as mahi, grouper and snapper, which are some of my favorites. If you have never had fish cooked the same day you caught it, I highly recommend you try it. Mahi-mahi is actually a type of dolphin, but should not be confused with the dolphin that is a mammal. T o avoi... Full Story

March 14, 2008
Chilled Maine lobster and avocado salad - One of the most important instincts for a chef, or someone who loves cooking, is the art of portioning the relative amounts of different ingredients in a dish. In a salad, the challenge is to create a suitable dressing and use just enough of it to enhance and unite the flavors without overwhelming any of them. Serving this salad should invite you... Full Story

February 29, 2008
Fragrant spice enhances health - This week's focal point is fennel, originally from the Mediterranean also known as "the spice of angels." There are two main types of this aromatic plant, wild and sweet, both with pale green celery-like stems and bright green feathery foliage. Florence fennel, also called finocchio, is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean and the United State... Full Story

February 15, 2008
Comfort classic goes gourmet - Here's a gourmet twist on an American classic, mac 'n cheese. It probably would not be your first choice for a fancy sit-down dinner with your closest friends, but the creamy Gruyere sauce and crispy onions turn one of America's first comfort foods into a gourmet delight. Some believe that macaroni and cheese was created by founding father Thomas... Full Story

February 1, 2008
A super burger for bowl day - I am a huge New York Giants fan, so I have to dedicate this dish to the soon-to-be SuperBowl champs. When I was growing up, the Giants were everything to me. The days of Lawrence Taylor, Phil Simms and, of course, the Big Tuna, Coach Bill Parcels, were monumental for a kid growing up in the mid-80s. I am totally psyched for the Giants for making ... Full Story

January 18, 2008
Thai favorite with native curry - Panang curry is a popular dish at most Thai restaurants, sometimes mistaken for red curry, but with a much deeper flavor and spicy kick at the end. Usually this dish is made with beef, but chicken, pork or in this case fish, all work well. Thai curry dishes are usually a meal in themselves, but it is not uncommon to eat curry alongside other Thai... Full Story

January 4, 2008
Healthy twist on a great southern dish - Roasted pork tenderloin with peach barbecue sauce, baked Yukon gold Cheddar fries and garlic broccoli Makes 4 servings 1.75 to 2 pounds pork tenderloin, center cut 3 tablespoons olive oil 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon paprika 1/2 teaspoon white pepper 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder Coat the pork with a mixture of olive oil and the dry ingredient... Full Story

December 21, 2007
An unforgettable, moist roast turkey - If you plan to prepare a turkey this holiday season, I highly suggest you try this recipe. A few years back, we came across brining bags at Williams - Sonoma, which are basically heavy duty, double zip lock bags that you marinate your turkey in over night. When I say the flavor is incomparable, I truly mean it. I will never cook a turkey any othe... Full Story

December 7, 2007
Classic cookies, better than store bought - These cookies are not only delicious, but it is almost impossible not to devour the whole tray right out of the oven. The honey walnuts and maple syrup put a sinfully good twist on a classic. These cookies practically burst with flavor, and while fancy and fun, these treats require serious attention and preparation. Christmas chocolate chip coo... Full Story

November 23, 2007
Versatile risotto can stand alone - Risotto is a classic Italian rice dish with a labor-intensive technique of adding stock a half cup at a time until the arborio rice is delectably creamy, while the grains remain separate and firm. Risotto can be flavored with all sorts of ingredients such as seafood, chicken, sausage, cheese, wines, herbs, and in this case, vegetables. Most risot... Full Story

November 9, 2007
Autumn's bounty gives rich, earthy flavors - November is here, and with it comes food in different shapes and textures that make cooking fun. A variety of treats are already in their prime starting with pears, quince, apples, Brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes, and, of course, squash. Mushrooms are also at their best, including cremini, chanterelles, black trumpets and hedgehog, all of wh... Full Story

October 26, 2007
Maple crème brulee, an autumn favorite - This was always a great time of year growing up in New York. Packing up the car and escaping the big city, the blur of autumn colors, while driving upstate on the weekends, are some of my most vivid memories. One particular trip to a Vermont maple farm is the inspiration for this recipe. The literal translation of crème brulee is "burnt cream." It... Full Story

October 12, 2007
Crêpes: the versatile, delicious little pancakes - There' s something about crêpes that just deserve attention, at least from me. I guess it's the endless varieties they come in, and the fact that when done right, they downright make you happy. You know, like a kid and a bowl of ice cream. Sharing is good, except when it comes to your favorite ice cream and a good crepe. The crêpe is the French ve... Full Story

September 28, 2007
Cooking with Madeira wine - Madeira wine is named after the Portuguese-owned land where it is made, Madeira is a distinctive, fortified wine that is subjected to a lengthy heating process during maturation. It can range in color from pale blond to deep tawny, and runs the gamut from quite dry to very sweet. The pale golden Sercial is the lightest, driest Madeira, while the r... Full Story

September 14, 2007
A cool dish for hot days - Chilled cucumber and honeydew soup with mint and jumbo lump crab This low-fat, low-sodium vegetarian dish is as tasty as it is good for you. The honeydew melon is a sweet and succulent member of the muskmelon family and was prized by the ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago and loved in Persia ages before that, where the muskmelon is thought... Full Story

August 31, 2007
Enjoy fresh fish from local waters - If you like fish, definitely take advantage of our local catches such as mahi, grouper and snapper. These are some of my favorites. If you've never had fish that was caught and cooked on the same day, I highly recommend that you try it. Mahi-mahi is actually a type of dolphin, but should not be confused with the dolphin that is a mammal. To avoid ... Full Story

August 17, 2007
A cool dish for hot days - The intense south Florida heat is the inspiration for this dish. Trying to come up with a dish that is light and refreshing is the goal, and this dish is just that. Couscous, a staple of North African cuisine, may be served with milk as porridge, with dressing in a salad, or sweetened and mixed with fruits for dessert. The name couscous also refer... Full Story

August 3, 2007
Ratatouille: the serve anytime dish - I don't usually go to the movies, and even more unlikely is one that actually inspires me, but I have to say "Ratatouille" was not only inspirational on a culinary level but funny and entertaining for children and adults, especially those of us in the restaurant business. This past weekend my wife and I had the rare pleasure of taking our son to s... Full Story

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