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Sal Martignetti
This Week | Archive

June 18, 2010
Don't be a hero: leave the expert shots for the experts - Golfing with Sal I believe the average golfer always wants to improve their scores. So, saving several strokes off your round will be a confidence booster and improve your score. For instance, you can save strokes by not being a hero in trying to pull off shots you're not capable of. If you're in trouble, and have a shot to the green, maybe it ... Full Story

June 11, 2010
Pretend to be wind-up airplane for a great swing - Do you remember those wind-up toy airplanes? I suspect they still exist. The point is, you would place a rubber band on a hook at one end of the plane and attach the other end to the propeller. You would then start turning the propeller with your finger and the rubber band would start twisting. This twisting of the rubber band would create more an... Full Story

June 4, 2010
Hip swaying may be good for dancing, but it's bad for golfing - This week I wanted to talk about the importance of your hip turn. Notice I said hip TURN, not a sway. During the back swing you need to shift your weight to your right side. By turning your hips, your weight will automatically shift to your right side. However, if you shift your weight laterally, as in a sway, you will make it very difficult to g... Full Story

May 28, 2010
There are as many ways to chip as there are golf swings - Chipping is probably one of my favorite things to do. Not sure why, but I think it's the challenge of getting it close from unusual circumstances. It certainly makes things interesting. However, chipping comes with its own set of challenges. There are so many ways to describe chipping errors: stubs, sculls, chili dip, dubs, etc., etc. I'm always ... Full Story

May 21, 2010
Most common golf swing question revealed - A couple of weeks ago I asked you all to email me golf questions. I will share the most common question and will respond to the others individually. I think it was a worthwhile experiment. However, you shouldn't be surprised that the most common question was how to stop hitting big banana slices. In previous articles I mentioned that slices and pu... Full Story

May 14, 2010
How do you know when you got it? - Over the years, how many times have you said "I've got the golf swing?" If you're like most people, you've said it many times. Since the golf swing is elusive and there's so many different ways to swing a golf club, how would you even know if you got it? Everyone makes good shots from time to time, some more often than others. What about the guy ... Full Story

May 7, 2010
Holding on too long causes swinging over the top - I believe that anyone who's slicing the ball or pulling the ball is probably swinging over the top. We've discussed this previously, however, I think it's worth revisiting it from a different perspective. Since there's several reasons for swinging over the top, I wanted to talk about one particular thing that seems to be more common than one woul... Full Story

April 30, 2010
Seeking answers to your golf frustrations? - This week I'm dedicating this column to anyone that has questions about their golf swing. However, your questions don't have to be about the swing itself, it can be anything from golf etiquette to rules, or even putting and chipping. All you have to do is send me an e-mail and I'll do my best to answer any question you have. It may be helpful to ... Full Story

April 23, 2010
Do secrets to the golf swing really exist? - If you Google "Secrets To The Golf Swing" you'll get thousands of Web sites claiming just that. People want to believe that there's some "secret" that they don't know about or haven't discovered yet. The fact is, there's no real secrets, just sound principles that must be followed. What everyone wants is a simple fix to their swing problems. Sin... Full Story

April 16, 2010
How to save a stroke or two or three - All the pros on tour can drive the ball, make great approach and chip shots, but he who putts well takes home the bacon. We hear it all the time. If you are not playing well on a particular day, you can always make up several strokes by making some crucial putts that can grant you a birdie, save a par or even prevent the dreaded double bogie. The... Full Story

April 9, 2010
In golf, as in life, timing is everything - There's so much minutia in hitting a single golf shot, it shouldn't be a surprise that your timing is only one thing on the long list of stuff you have to get right in order to hit a good shot. Not only do you have to aim properly, setup and address the ball, make a sufficiently wide but not too steep a backswing with good shoulder and hip turn, ... Full Story

April 2, 2010
As a golf instructor, I believe in golf instructors - If there are thousands of golf instructors out there, why can't the average golfer break 100? Above and beyond the fact that golf is a very difficult game, I think there are multiple issues here. One, I think many people want to believe they know themselves better, so why should they listen to someone else. Two, many people think they can figure ... Full Story

March 26, 2010
What your followthrough can teach you about your swing - There's several things you can learn about your swing by examining your followthrough. First, your followthrough should be a mirror image of your backswing. After you hit a shot hold your finish position and check to see where your belly button is facing. It should be facing towards your target. You can backtrack your swing to see if your followt... Full Story

March 19, 2010
Don't let the golf ball paralyze your downswing - It's no surprise that golf is one of the most difficult games to master. It's probably one of the few games that when the ball is being played it is sitting still. I think this simple fact contributes to the challenges faced by all golfers. Since the ball isn't moving like in other sports, the tendency is to swing the golf club at the ball as opp... Full Story

March 12, 2010
It's all in the backswing, so keep it simple - Let's tackle the backswing this week and see if we can get you hitting straighter shots. Don't misunderstand, hitting a slice, fade, hook or draw are important tools in golf. The question is to what degree and if you can reproduce the shot at will. If you can get to a point of hitting relatively stra... Full Story

March 5, 2010
Slices and pulls can come from same golf swing - In the quest to improve our swing and game, this week we'll talk about the slice, since it's the number one fault in golf. You have to ask yourself, why is that? The answer is simple, but the cure can be very difficult. Last week we talked about the importance of setup and aim, the imaginary train tracks that form your target line and body alignm... Full Story

February 26, 2010
Develop a set-up routine for success at the tee - In the quest to improve our swing and game, this week we will talk about the importance of aim and setup. In Jack Nicklaus's book, "The Full Swing," he mentions that the golf swing is 80 percent setup and 20 percent execution. Think about how astonishing that statement is. We all work so hard at improving our swing when 80 percent of the shot is aiming and setup. He goes on to say, "if you reverse those percentages, Full Story

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